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July 27.


Reactions on the events of day 14.

July 27.

Waterpolo EC, Day 14

Final count down: the Hungarian men's waterpolo team can win the European championships title again after 1958, in front of home crowd.

July 27.

Riporter wanted: interview inside

Each European or world championships can be a great opportunity to get involved in sport life for those, who want to become sport reporters. Being thrown into „deep water”, always a perfect occassion to learn. But it is not only an athlete, an olympic champion for exapmle, who can embarass someone not being used to this atmposphere. Sometimes even the trainees can do it, with each other… The interview of an entrant reporter, with another entrant reporter. 

July 27.

Serbia: mossion not impossible

Serbian press was in an euphoric mood after the heroic win against Montenegro. 

July 26.

Waterpolo EC, Day 13

Ladies' competition will come to an end at Alfred Hajos National Swimming Statium on Saturday, but before then, still there are some men's placement matches coming up.

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European Water Polo Championships Budapest 2014

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